A character with a thousand versions..


In his most recent incarnation…

The entire first have of Broccos’ life was spent within the giant
walled metropolis of _____. (Mike, fill in name of metropolis)

Ostracised by society as a “half-breed” or “half-devil” as a boy, he
found safety and community in forming his own street gang. A
charismatic and passionate leader, his rag-tag group of half-elves,
half- breeds, untouchables, strangers, and outcasts quickly became the
bandit scourge of the city. They plundered and razed all they could
in retaliation against the government that deemed them less than
human, yet shared their wealth and were given shelter and celebrated
by the the lowest classes of society.

A vicious captain of the guard was appointed to quell the unrest. He
brandished a magnificent blade he called “Bandit’s Bane”. Yet for all
his brutality and his formidable weapon, he was set upon in broad
daylight, and killed by the impetuous Broccos himself. Broccos kept
the bejeweled scimitar as his trophy, renaming it “Sultan’s Bane”.

Such a direct insult and threat was not tolerated. The most dangerous
mercenaries and assassins were brought from far and wide to deal with
Broccos’ tiny, but troublesome band. Led by a fearsome warlock the marauders massacred the
slums and ghettos of the city, wiping out not only the bandits, but
everyone they knew, or might have known.

Broccos, a fugitive throughout his native region, narrowly escaped
with his life, and blames himself
for the way things turned out. He seeks revenge on the society that
he feels has wronged him so. And ultimately, he seeks community,
family, and acceptance, and naturally gravitates towards other
disenfranchised characters. He is kind to the downtrodden, and
distrustful of the establishment and its tools.

He also seeks revenge on the warlock who led the bloodbath years ago.
He intends to “fight fire with fire” quite literally. And has
recently begun his infernal tutoring.

I intend to play his tutelage alongside his low intelligence. while
his passion and thirst for revenge make him a natural. His 9
intelligence prevents him from fully grasping the technicalities of
his infernal bargains and contracts. He doesn’t realize that he’s
selling his soul.



the past... Broccos